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5L Foldable basin


It is important to bring or at least have a storage of drinking water during the camping holidays. The campers' main concern is that the basins occupy too much space in the tents and are difficult to transport. The use of a foldable basin makes it possible to effectively solve this kind of problem.

Made of BPA-free plastic, this foldable basin is the equipment that every camping enthusiast should have in their tent. It is equipped with a handle and a spout, you can use this utensil to look for water in a river or simply to transport it from your house. Its filling is faster than a conventional basin, this folding basin is also lighter than its counterparts.

The special feature of this folding basin: it offers a surprising resistance to pressure. The plastic with which it has been manufactured is perfectly waterproof and does not leak even when filled to the brim. This feature makes it the ideal utensil to carry your mineral water or drinks during your trips.

Fully washable, this foldable basin can be reused as many times as you wish. Don't forget it for all your outdoor activities like camping, hiking or just a picnic.

Features :
Type : water storage
Material: PE food grade
Capacity: 5 L
Color: Blue, White, Yellow, Red
Dimensions: Approx. 11.81 x 12.79 inches/30 x 32.5 cm (unfolded without water)
Temperature range : 0 C to 80 C

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