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Walking sticks


Just like the helmet, a walking stick is essential for the practice of pedestrian activities. Several studies have revealed the importance and effectiveness of hiking with this type of equipment. Here is a hiking stick made to make your days of walking easier and minimize the risk of falls or injuries.

This 3-strand stick is adjustable and foldable, it can easily be slipped into a backpack when not in use. It is also easy to unfold so you can start your activity quickly. Versatile, it is perfectly suited for hiking, trekking and trail riding.

The rod is made of aircraft grade aluminum for extreme durability and strength. This material presents a good compromise between solidity and lightness. It is thus pleasant and less tiring to walk with this accessory whether it is in your hand or in your backpack. It is also composed of carbon fibers and tungsten to better absorb vibrations especially against shocks with rocks.

Its rubber handle is suitable for young and old, it is comfortable to grip and does not tire the muscles of your hand. The tip of this stick sticks well to the ground and offers you better support, no matter what type of surface you are moving on.

Features :
Length (cm) : 135 cm
Shaft material: Aluminium
Handle material: Rubber
Damping system: Anti-shock system
Handle: Straight handle 

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