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Hiking shoes


For any outdoor activity, whether climbing or hiking, it is necessary to wear comfortable, sturdy shoes to avoid sore feet. It is for this kind of cases that hiking boots have been designed. This canvas model is one of the best products in this range.

With these hiking boots, you can walk miles without feeling tired. These shoes are convenient to walk, they protect your feet from rocks and thorns that could hurt you. You can even use them to run across rocky trails.

The soles of these hiking shoes adhere well to different types of soil, be it stone, soil or even mud. You can carry them to climb a mountain safely, they will give you a good support to help you in your climb. Moreover, these shoes are particularly recommended for jumping competitions such as triathlons. Indeed, they will remain just as comfortable if you walk or bike.

Available in 4 different colors, including green, brown, black and grey, these hiking shoes can match any sportswear like shorts or jog. You can also wear them to work with jeans slim and a jacket.

Features :
Product type: hiking boots
Material: fabric, nylon
Colors: green, brown, black, grey

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