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Luminous paracord


Tired of tripping over a tent or sail line at night? Not anymore, see your luminous paracord easily and put an end to worries. No matter what activity you do outdoors, this rope of light in the dark will improve it at night.

This light paracord is ideal for survival, camping, fishing, hiking, cargo securing and many other applications. And if you're a handyman or artist at heart, you can use it to make original objects such as bracelets, key chains, jewelry or weaving projects. This luminous paracord finds many other applications, like fixing of bags of survival, rope for the luminous festivals.

Made from materials that absorb light, these paracords light up in the dark. You will get a brighter glow by letting this cord charge in the sunlight. Just expose it briefly to the sun - between 10 and 15 minutes - and the luminescent pigments on this special string will sparkle with a thousand lights in the dark.

This light paracord measures 15 m long and weighs 45 g. It consists of a set of 9 woven strands, all very resistant. The combination of 9 strands of first quality nylon gives it a robustness to any test. This in no way affects the handling of the rope, which remains easy to tie and use. The risk of cuts or tears is limited with this light paracord.

This model is part of the type III paracords, i.e. those capable of supporting loads of more than 249 kg.

Features :
Weight : 117 g
Colour: white, light green, light yellow, light blue, light blue,
Total length: 15m (50ft)
Diameter: approx. 5-6mm
Material: High strength polyester light wire
Advantages :
Very resistant
Handy and flexible paracorde

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