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Hiking bag 70 L


Going on an expedition requires a large volume of storage space for essential items. This 70 L professional hiking bag is the ideal container to make the hiker's life easier.

This professional hiking bag has been designed to be easy to carry and to offer optimal comfort to the user. It is equipped with two ergonomic straps - and padded -, with lengths that can be adjusted according to your build and preferences. All you have to do is adapt the tightness and length of these straps to distribute your burden as well as possible according to your constitution.

This stylish and sturdy bag has several compartments to store and arrange your belongings. You can place all the items that will be useful during your expedition in the wilderness: sleeping bag, tent, portable kitchen utensils, clothing, spare shoes, maps and all your other survival or hiking equipment. Mesh pockets on the sides provide additional storage space, especially for water bottles and other dirty linens.

Elastic straps on the outside make it easier to wear tents and other sleeping bags outside. This way you can make full use of the very large capacity of this 70 L hiking bag. Its fabric is made of multi-layer polyester, a configuration that offers high waterproofing and good insulation capacity.

Features :

  • Product : Hiking bag
  • Capacity: 70 L
  • Type: unisex
  • Size: 37 cm x 86 cm x 86 cm x 22 cm
  • Colour: purple red, peacock blue, reinforced green, grey

Advantages :

- Comfortable bag
- High capacity



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