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Solar panel battery charger for smartphones


You can now fully enjoy your smartphone using this solar panel battery charger. The latter gives you the opportunity to use your device wherever you are.

This solar panel for smarthone is composed of two panels capable of providing a power of 10W. It is one of the most efficient solar chargers. This means that you can get more power than others if you charge under the same sunlight, and offer faster charging. In addition, it is able to supply electrical energy even under low intensity light.

This solar panel for smartphones is easily transportable, especially since it has an incredible lightness. You can hang it on your backpack thanks to its carabiner, it allows you to charge your phone even when you are in motion. In addition, this equipment can be used at any time of the year as it is able to walk in a storm.

Using its USB plug, this solar charger for mobile phone batteries is compatible with most major brands of mobile devices such as the iPhone, Samsung, HTC and many others. In addition, it features technology that automatically adjusts current and voltage to reach maximum power.

Features :
- Battery charger for USB mobile phone for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC, Sony LG, etc.
- Max. power: 10W
- Weight: 0.3kg
- Open size: 465 * 265 * 3mm (open)
- Size: 270x170x10mm (fold)
- Battery capacity (mAh) 5V output 1.6A (max)

Advantages :

- Powerful charger
- Compatible with multiple devices

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