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Bandage scissors


Whether you are at home, at work or hiking, it is essential to have first aid equipment available. These bandage scissors will help you prepare dressings quickly and treat wounds as quickly as possible.

These bandage scissors will help you effectively in all your emergency care. They have been sharpened to allow you to cut any type of fabric including bandages, plasters and especially clothing in case of serious injury in the middle of nature. They will find their perfect place in your first aid kit, in your closet and even in an infirmary.

For a better efficiency, but especially a question of hygiene, these bandage scissors were cut in stainless steel. You can keep them in your first aid kit for as long as necessary, they will not rust or erode. Moreover, they remain just as functional even when disinfected with boiling water or alcohol.

The rubber handle of these bandage scissors makes them easy to grip, you won't have to press hard to cut the thickest fabrics. In addition, they have been manufactured with rounded tips to prevent further injury to the people you are treating.

Features :
Material: stainless steel blade surface.
Colour: Matt black titanium veneer (color treatment to prevent reflex rust).
Size: 18,3 * 9.2cm
Thin section: 50 grams

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