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Portable water filter with carbon fiber


The issue of water reserves can be problematic during long-duration excursions or expeditions. This portable carbon fiber water filter may be the solution.

Are you planning to travel around the world in a backpack, on foot or by bike? At some point in your preparations, you must certainly address the delicate issue of water supplies. This portable carbon fiber filter provides a concrete solution to a large part of your problem.

This carbon fiber water filter does not claim to be a miracle equipment for all travellers. On the other hand, it can help you a lot when you are short of a drinking water source and have to do what you can afford. Its operation is based on the latest technology, capable of cleaning even the most saturated liquids.

With this equipment, you can quench your thirst in optimal health and safety conditions, anywhere, anytime. Simply suck the water through the filter, which can clean up to 200 mL per minute.

The medical grade carbon fiber mesh cartridge remains reliable up to 1000 L of cleaned water. A simple calculation suggests that this filter could help you hydrate properly in an isolated environment for more than 2 years, with a base of 1.5 L of water per day...

This portable survival water filter is really convenient, anyone can use it with ease. You can use it on any river, lake or pond that Mother Nature has to offer.


Features :

Material: ABS PP carbon fibre UF (medical grade)
Filtration capacity: 1000 L
Water flow rate: 200 ml/min
Dimensions: 35 mm x 180 mm
Weight: 98 g

Advantages :

- Tested technology
- Space-saving filter

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