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Stainless steel isothermal bottle


Even when travelling or hiking, it is essential to consume as much water as possible. The ideal solution would be to take this precious liquid with you in a stylish and robust container, such as this isothermal stainless steel bottle.

The chemical compounds in food containers are known to be harmful to health. That's why this stainless steel isothermal bottle has been designed in a set of materials without BPA or any other harmful chemical substances. It is perfectly safe and does not interfere with the quality of the water contained inside. It is a container with a smooth and perfectly polished coating, covered with an anti-corrosion material.

This stainless steel bottle is extremely practical for transporting your hygienic drinks, especially outdoors. You can prepare your concoction at home and take your precious beverage with you in your bag or package.

And if you ever need to replenish your supplies on the road or even in the middle of nature, its cap opens and detaches easily. You can attach a water filter directly to it and produce drinking water yourself to help you rehydrate safely.

For ease of use and transport, this bottle is equipped with a protective case. A strap also allows you to attach it to your bag or other holder, freeing your hand during the trip.

This elegant bottle, all in black, has a thick wall and keeps the temperature of your drink for a while.

Features :

Material: stainless steel
Color: black
Capacity: 1892 ml
Character: ecological

Advantages :

- Elegant design
- Robust bottle

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