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Trekking, what is it?


Trekking is originally a hiking in the mountains but the definition of the term has evolved over the years.

The current definition of trekking refers to a long hike over several days. This excursion in bivouac is more and more popularized in particular thanks to the ethical tourism putting a point of honor to respect the local populations and the environment.

But then where do you practice this activity? Anything is possible.

- Mountain: The Himalayas for example.
- Desert: Like the Sahara or the Ténéré desert.
- Jungle: The Amazon remains the perfect destination.
- Polar Land: Canada's Far North is ideal.

Trekking, therefore, means practicing a physical effort over several days, walking. The difficulty depends on the chosen route so don't be too ambitious during your first trek, the main thing is to enjoy the long hours of walking in nature.

It is important to choose the right period to trek safely, in optimal conditions. So avoid the summer heat for the desert, or winter for the polar lands for example. Take the time to inquire before your departure with the guides and tourist offices to avoid a bad period and consequently, a bad experience.

Before trekking, be sure not to go alone for safety reasons. Contact a local agency or guide who will be more economical but above all more ethical. Trekking alone can quickly become dangerous (orientation problem, difficult to find supplies, water...) while a guide will allow you to have a security and to be close to the locals.

Then let yourself be seduced by trekking, choose your destination, your guide, find the right time and go on an adventure for several days to enjoy nature and breathtaking landscapes.

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