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Trekking: how to choose your backpack?


The backpack, the inseparable companion of any trekking enthusiast. Offered in several sizes and shapes, it is necessary to determine the model to adopt in order to make the most of this type of expedition. Focus on the criteria for choosing this useful and important accessory.

The size of the bag

Before buying a trekking backpack, it is strongly recommended to determine in advance the duration of your expedition. In terms of reference, a hike that will last only a few hours will not require a model of more than 15 liters. In this type of case, you only need to bring the necessary items such as a few protein bars, water and maybe your lunch.

For a longer trekking (about a day), a bag between 25 and 30 liters will suffice. For 3 to 4 days of the expedition in the middle of the countryside, you must bring more provisions and something to warm you up at night. It is also necessary to bring warm and waterproof clothing depending on the weather. To do this, a 40 to 60 liter bag will be the most suitable. Finally, for a long hike of about ten days, opt for the most voluminous models of more than 70 liters. However, do not overload yourself too much, the weight of your bag should never be more than 20% of that of your body.

With or without a lap belt?

The size being fixed, it is time to determine the model that best suits your trekking. First of all, you should know that bags with a lap belt have the advantage of reducing the weight on your back by 70%. If you need to bring several kilos of food for your hike, it is better to choose these models.

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