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Tips for a successful campsite


Holidays are here and you're going camping? Don't forget to be well prepared for a carefree holiday in the heart of nature!

Here are some tips for a successful camping:

- Plastic bags in quantity: you will always need them and you will not like to run out. Garbage, storage, laundry bag room... you will always need it so plan the stock!

- Sleeping bag: The essential accessory for your camping. Choose a two-seater bag if you go together, you will warm up faster and more efficiently! In addition, install a foam mat on the floor to insulate but also to have more comfort.

- The tent: choose your tent well according to your needs. Take a tent with a larger capacity if you need space. Take a good look at the descriptions before choosing your ideal tent.

- Remember to freeze your water bottles before putting them in the cooler. They will keep your food cool easily and you will have fresh water as a bonus! You can also put them in a plastic bag to slow down the melting.

- For the shower at the campsite: take a towel to put at the bottom of the tray to make sure you don't catch warts for example.

- For light: take a headlamp and a water bottle, place the lamp against the bottle and you will get a functional lamp!

- Mobile charger: don't forget it if you go camping for several days without access to electricity.

With these tips for your campsite, you will have a worry-free holiday. So leave well equipped and keeping these tips in mind to lightly enjoy your stay outdoors, while respecting mother nature.

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