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Offline Survival Manual: the pocket companion in a wild environment


With the advent of the digital age, it is now possible to find applications that can help us in all areas of life. Offline Survival Manual is part of the programs for adventure lovers and wilderness expeditions.

An overview of the application

You will not be able to find a digital pocket companion similar to the Offline Survival Manual. As its name suggests, it is a mobile application containing a complete database of everything you need to know about living in a wilderness environment. It offers important information such as the best way to build a fire in the forest, where to find food and how to build a shelter. The knowledge gained from this program can be very useful if you are lost in the middle of the forest or in an unfamiliar environment.

The features of Offline Survival Manual

The information in Offline Survival Manual is classified into different categories according to what you are looking for. In particular, you have the psychology section to help you adopt the right mentality in order to evolve in a forest and better face any possible obstacles or difficulties. In the medicine section, you have all the gestures and measures to adopt in case of injury, poisonous insect bites and bites of wild animals. You can also find some natural herbal remedies.
In the Offline Survival Manual, there are specialized sections for certain environmental conditions such as deserts, tropics and glacial poles. You will be able to discover the necessary information such as the type of food you can look for, the risks associated with these locations and the good hygiene practices to adopt.

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