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How to choose your camping tent?


When camping, it is very important to put up a shelter that can protect you from wind, cold and humidity. Unless you are like Davy Crockett, able to sleep on the floor, the use of a tent is necessary. The choice of model and size will then have to be made according to your build and the place where you will camp. Here are two concepts that you should understand before you buy one.

How many places?

Logically, a two-seater tent should be large enough to accommodate two people. However, various factors must be taken into account, such as the size of the hikers or even the volume of their sleeping bag. For thin people, it is possible to adopt a two-seater tent for two people. If you do not want to be too cramped and if the conditions allow it, it is advisable to adopt a three-seater model. You will have enough space to bring your sleeping bag inside and even to store your belongings safely, such as your clothes or provisions.

What shape?

Tents are available in different shapes, not for aesthetic reasons, but to better cope with environmental conditions. If you intend to camp at high altitudes, with high wind and cold levels, it is best to adopt a geodetic model. The latter has the advantage of offering more resistance to the wind thanks to its hoops which intersect at several points. This type of tent is also spacious enough to accommodate several people.

For an expedition with an altitude of less than 2000 meters, you can use less solid tents such as domes or tunnels. These are best recommended if you are going on an expedition in the forest or on the banks of a river.

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